3 Ideas to Promote a New Restaurant

When you realized one of the goals of your life is to have a new restaurant it is really something to celebrate. Once you have everything set up for the upcoming grand opening, the next step is to find ways to promote it and get the right attention for your restaurant. Here are three ideas we came up with to help you promote your new baby.


One of the things about having a restaurant is that you need to have a digital place to show your future customers about your restaurant. Having a website can give you the opportunity to present yourself and your project. You can create a part with a mini biography, another one with pictures and one more with a tiny blog where you can share your experience throughout the entire process. You can use a lot of tactics to attract more customers on your website from discounts to monthly calendars, the possibilities are endless.

Social Medias

Today, social media is one of the best ways to engage many different demographics and markets, not just the kind of people that would typically enjoy the style of food in your restaurant; you will reach out to both people that already have an interest in it or just because they saw the publicity and feel like checking it out. A good idea during the project, or when it’s almost finished, is to start posting daily about the restaurant; pictures, commentaries, special dishes, etc. Everything they will find in your restaurant will be previewed across your social media accounts. You have to be able to keep the excitement up all the time,  especially waiting for the big opening!

Do a Special Invite Only Pre-Opening

If you want to capture the attention of a good select few before the big day, you can make a little sampling with a few dishes from the menu. A little event where you can talk with some of your future customers, explain your project, ideas and what you are looking to accomplish with the end goal of your restaurant. Also you can see what kind of experience they have and hopefully get some positive feedback to fix before going all in. To draw in more people, you can have a game or contest where the winner gets a free dinner or some tickets for an upcoming event. Check out Groupon Coupons page for Ticket Liquidator to get good price deals for your events. The idea is to have the audience waiting for more!!