A Guide to Hosting an Intimate Dinner

It isn’t just the hopeless romantics that like to wine and dine their partner, and with many long standing relationships that began with an idyllic candle-lit dinner, it is often a great idea to invite your partner to your home for dinner. If you are a guy, you will want her to see how clean and well organised your bachelor pad is, and you will really blow her away when she tastes the food! If you are thinking of inviting your sweetheart to dinner, here are some helpful hints to make it go well.

The Ambience – This is absolutely critical, and as it is not one single component, but rather a combination of things, it can be difficult to get it right. To break it down, ambience is a combination of environment, mood and lighting, and with the right background music, the atmosphere should be warm and friendly. LED lighting allows you to be creative, but for a romantic encounter, you really must have scented candles.

The Best Food – This is the way to really impress your partner, who would certainly not expect some an array of Asian dishes, all cooked to perfection. Of course, she doesn’t need to know that you ordered online, but when she sees the kitchen it will become apparent that no cooking took place. Aside from all the other things you need to prepare, if you have ordered Chinese takeaway with a Bristol delivery, you no longer have to worry about the menu and can focus on looking good, which also important.

Chilled Wine – To be on the safe side, have a bottle of red in the cupboard, and a white in the fridge, and make sure you have plenty of ice, as you will want to present the white wine in a suitable ice bucket, which, of course, you will need to source. If you happen to know your partner’s alcohol preferences, then all is well, otherwise, stock the regular spirits, with a range of mixtures, and you should be OK.

Spring Clean the Room – At least the dining room, and possibly the whole apartment, as if this is the first time your partner has visited you at home, you want to make the right impression. This needs to be done a week before the big day, and replace anything shabby, as that would definitely not do. Whether you are tidy or not, your home needs to be spotless for this occasion, so spend the time it takes to make the place look respectable.

Focus on your Partner – Everything should be prepared so that she doesn’t have to lift a finger, take her coat upon arrival, lead her to a comfortable chair and hand her a cold drink, and let her take a minute to relax and unwind. A scented face flannel is a nice touch, and point out where the bathroom is, and generally make sure she feels at home. You will have time to sit and talk with her while sipping cocktails, with the crockery heating, and your superb menu already on its way to your door, ordered online a few hours before.

Above all, one must be calm and relaxed, of course, preparation would be intense, but once you know you have everything covered, you can relax and enjoy entertaining your partner at home.