A Quick Guide to Boston Botox

What is it all about?

Boston Botox has been in use for over a decade, in cosmetic surgery for treatment of wrinkling faces. It’sgotten from bacteria which can harm one if in high doses. For it is can easily cause food poisonous However, when diluted and used in tiny quantities, an injection can be applied under the skin for acting like muscular relaxant.

How does it work?

It’sapplied in treatment of creases and lines on the face through an injection made in the facial muscles in tiny amounts. The facial muscles is tightened by the chemical released by the nerve cells making the frown lines to appear. The chemical signs are blocked by Botox, resulting into a small muscle contraction weakening that brings a smooth facial appearance.  When applied by a skilled person, Botox, does not result into paralyzed facial muscle, as rumored by many people, it instead brings about relaxation and reduction of their response.

What can Botox do for you?

The treatment can assist in reduction of the frown lines, crow feet (around the eyes), and wrinkles. Botox can also be used in treatment of creases around the mouth. If it’s well performed, it results into a gentle relaxing effect while a natural facial expression (frowning and smiling) is still there. However you should note that Botox treatment is not a solution for getting rid of reducing lines caused by the sun, neither will it assist in cases of creases.

Is it safe?

Botox injection is a well-known form and highly established treatment, it is safe, if carried out by a skilled practitioner. However, a certain grouping of people should not use this treatment. They include: Expectant and breast-feeding mothers, and any person that suffers from any muscular or nerve related disease.  Some medicines also don’t go hand in hand with Botox. They include the drugs used in control of the heartbeat irregularities, Alzheimer’s orautoimmune disorder, allergy towards what is used in Botox then you should not have the treatment. Your medical history should be discussed in depth to ascertain that you have no problems stated above.  If it’s found out that you have a history of the unwanted health issues, you’re then advised not to take Botox treatment.