DC’s Chinatown Food

Located right in the heart of the capitol city, Chinatown can be truly called the melting pot with some world renowned restaurants located here. We present below some of the hot picks which are a must try.

  • Daikaya

With its simple but intricate façade, it is easy to miss the restaurant but for the throng of people patiently waiting outside. It has two separate levels. The bottom has a ramen shop while the top flaunts an Izakaya which is a Japanese drinking establishment, serving food along with drinks. With a friendly ambiance, it is an all-time favorite hangout to enjoy delicious and savory Japanese comfort food at any time.

  • Zengo

If you are looking for a mix of Latin and Asian cuisine, look no further. The staffs are so friendly that they explain the menu to you along with providing alternatives for allergies. Choose from it interesting and extremely delicious menu items like buttery lobster grits, salt and pepper shrimp tacos, chicken empanadas, mimosas an even bottomless brunch.

  • 701

This new American Restaurant is ideal for a sophisticated and intimate candlelight dinner. With the background of jazz music and warm and elegant back lounge with modern décor as well as an outdoor patio, one can enjoy its gourmet menus like sunflower seed risotto, olive oil poached halibut, gourmet burgers etc.

  • Fig & Olive

Despite being a chain of restaurants, expect to find some refreshing menu here with some of the season’s favorites. The twist and innovation given to each of the dishes with fresh ingredients will leave you completely floored. Each of its dishes at Fig & Olive DC is too delicious to describe in words but its seafood platter is worth mentioning.

  • Momiji

This bi-level Japanese restaurant offers fun and creative twist to traditional Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the range from the complex hibachi dishes to sushi rolls. For those who just want to hang out, relax sipping any of its handmade cocktails. Do not forget to take advantage of its happy hours.

  • Rasika

Satisfy your hunger pangs with the ultimate delicious and flavorful Indian cuisine at ‘Rasika’ whose meaning itself translates to ‘flavor’. It boasts of an open kitchen which gives its guests the added pleasure of watching the food getting cooked on a Tawa (griddle) or Sigri(open barbeque). Tandoori is also available here. Enjoy its chicken masala, corgi duck or the ever long list of vegetarian options. Its appetizers and entrees can be shared easily and enjoyed with some wine.