Pralines from Texas

How many of you have that one cousin that is just the worst when it comes to gift giving no matter what you give them they have a look in their eye like “oh wow this is what you thought I wanted?” well that’s my cousin Alexandra is like, or so I thought up until this very holiday season. You see my aunt Kathy has always had this like sixth sense about things and last year she gave Cousin Alexandra a box of assorted French pastries and Belgian chocolates and according to her that was the ticket we had all been waiting for. So for this holiday season I decided to get my cousin Alexandra a big box of GoodeCo Pralines, I mean why not she likes sweets pralines were originally French and that seemed to do the trick.

The reasoning behind why I decided to give my cousin Alexandra some delicious GoodeCo praline is because after a little snooping about why aunt Kathy’s gift was so successful is because of her love of sweets and let me tell you what are some good sweets here in Texas. GoodeCo pralines are to die for the creamy combination of almonds and syrupy fudge call melt away your woes and make you feel as if you had just seen the face of baby Jesus himself. Besides at GoodeCo they made them even better than the rest of the country, they made them more Texas. These aren’t small and delicate like the average praline no sir these bad boys can satisfy the hungriest of appetites.

Another great reason why I decided to use these precious little dessert items as my cousin Alexandra’s gift is because of the amazing packaging that it comes in a marked box made of pine wood that has had the words “you might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas” branded onto it which makes a great gift in it of itself. I got her the package that comes with three of each kind of praline the chewy kind and the original pralines. I didn’t know what she would personally get for herself so I went with the safe bet and decided on none. Turns out that I got lucky since my cousin Alexandra likes her pralines however, she enjoyed both kinds equally.

So if there is someone with a sweet tooth in your family that could use with some gifting then give GoodeCo a call they will deliver anywhere in the continental united states, right to your doorstep guaranteeing the freshness of your product. The order should only take about three to five business days to arrive. Although you should keep in mind that if you are going to be ordering for the holiday season like I did be sure to put in your order ahead of time remember that these aren’t factory made pralines so if you wait until the last moment to place your order there may not be any available until after the holiday season.