The Most Efficient Way to Provide Ice

Certain types of businesses need ice that is readily available. Most commonly, these include restaurants and hotels. Also, some businesses that produce heat-sensitive products need to provide ice for their products or for their customers. If you’re running a business in the 21st century, then you are probably spending a lot of your time trying to figure out how to reduce your expenses and boost your revenues. If you are trying to earn a higher profit, you need to spend less and make more. You can’t always control how much you make, but you can reduce how much you spend. There are big line items as well as small budget items, and if you’re trying to cut your expenses, you’ve probably thought through the big ways to cut your expenses. For a business that provides ice for its products or its customers, the way you produce ice is important as well. You could be spending hundreds of dollars every year that you don’t have to spend. Here are a few of the ways you’re wasting your money on ice.

Chipping Ice Blocks

One of the most common methods of buying ice is actually in big blocks. This is most popular on farms or in large restaurants. Usually, this is marketed as the most efficient way to buy ice. That’s not entirely true. Often, a block of uncut ice will be less expensive than an equivalent amount of ice in cubes; however, it requires space to keep a block of ice like that. You’ll need a massive freezer or at least a big cooler. You’ll also need to pay one of your employees to spend time hacking and chipping at the ice block. When you add up the price of an appropriately-sized freezer as well as the labour hours you’re paying your employee, an ice block is actually very expensive. It’s also incredibly time-consuming. If you look for an ice machine for sale, you’ll see that they have greatly fallen in price.

In the past, ice machines were very expensive to buy and expensive to operate. Now, they are very efficient. The ice machines of the 21st century are well-oiled machines that produce ice quickly without consuming very much energy. The price of an ice machine has dropped, especially a used ice machine. The price of operating an ice machine has also dropped dramatically.

Inefficient Ice Machines

If you have an ice machine for your business, it’s still possible you’re wasting your business’s money. An inefficient ice machine costs a significant amount of money to run. An inefficient ice machine is one that either doesn’t keep the ice it produces in a frozen state or costs a large amount of energy to produce ice. If the ice machine isn’t properly insulated, the ice it produces will melt over the course of the day. Since the ice is melting, your machine has to run to produce more ice. These energy expenditures add up each month to hurt your profits considerably. In addition to not keeping ice cold, some of the older machines just require more electricity to run.